About Crepelatier

Our history goes back to 1997. After the company became the largest producer of pancakes in Eastern Europe, we entered the world market.

We are currently one of the leading manufacturers of frozen pancakes. We are the leader in sales of these products in Russia and one of the leaders in sales of dumplings.


  • 1800 tons of output per month
  • 600 employees
  • 180 products

We combine innovative technologies, such as shock freezing, with age-old traditions. Health and time are irreplaceable values. Save both with our products.

With our products, you get:

  • the taste of home-made food;
  • natural ingredients;
  • a wide selection.

We love our products and carefully monitor their quality carefully. And this gives the result. 98.7% of respondents positively evaluated our products during the tastings. We can also modify or completely redesign one of our products to suit your needs.

People from all over the world love our products. We already have partners in the USA, China, Germany, Finland, Russia, Chile and many other countries. And we are alweys open to new customers.